Cooking is the art of preparing food. There are various cuisines around the world. Every region has its own taste and food culture depending on climatic conditions and the produce in the area. Professional cooks are called chefs. A cuisine is a particular set of cooking traditions associated with a specific region, and as a result, there are numerous cuisines available worldwide. These cuisines are based particularly on climatic conditions and people living in the region, For example, cuisines of mountain region include food with more carbohydrates to provide energy to the body to survive in the chilling cold weather. Similarly, coastal areas have seafood as the staple diet. Availability is also a major factor. Foods that are easily available in a region are more preferable for the natives. Cooking methods are also region specific. Cooking in mountainous areas mostly includes steaming while cooking in beach areas involves grilling and baking.

Methods of the kitchen

There are various techniques of cooking food like roasting, baking, boiling, frying, steaming, etc. The cooking technique to be used depends on upon the type of food to be cooked and how much time it requires for the kitchen. In general, these methods are divided into two categories-dry cooking and moist cooking. In dry cooking, food does not need water to be cooked while in moist cooking, water is required to cook the food. Baking is an example of dry cooking whereas steaming is a case of moist cooking. Home cooking and commercial cooking are the other two broad categories in which cooking can be classified. Home cooking includes the food that we cook at home for our family and guests. While commercial cooking includes the food that is being cooked in hotels and restaurants or sold in the market for commercial purposes.


Cooking is seen these days as a culinary art. Humans have been cooking food for a long time; humans are the only living beings who can cook their food. Cooking food increases the variety of food available for humans to eat. Since our ancestors have been cooking food since ages, our teeth and the digestive system have developed to function so as to digest cooked food. Cooking increases the taste of the food as well as enhances its shelf life. Raw food is sometimes difficult to digest as it contains elements like cellulose. Also, it is easy for our body to extract nutrients from cooked food. Some nutrients present in eatables can be easily absorbed when the food is cooked rather than in the raw form.

Cooking food is a healthy habit. Heating food kills bacteria, and cooked food requires less energy to eat. Cooking makes our life interesting. We can cook the same ingredients in different forms, with a different aroma and new taste every time and does not let us get bored of the same vegetable. It makes our food look appetizing and taste delicious. Sometimes, children do not like to eat certain foods that are good for health; such food items can be given to them by adding them along with some other ingredients. This helps in covering up the flavor of those products and then it is easily consumed by children.


Cooking food does make it tastier and appealing, but it also kills the nutrients present in it. Sometimes, the food gets overcooked, and all the nutrients get killed. While cooking, some nutrients react with oil resulting into formation of harmful substances. These days food is being cooked in microwave quite frequently. This results in the formation of frictional heat which results into various nutrients being killed. Obesity is a problem faced by a huge number of people these days. Obesity is caused due to over greasy food and overcooking, eating raw food can keep you healthy and cholesterol free. Additionally, cooking involves working with fire, hot oil, boiling water, it needs very careful attention. Otherwise, it could lead to serious accidents also.

Cooking as a business

Your cooking hobby can also make you an entrepreneur. Hundreds of people enjoy cooking. Such people can start their own cooking business. This may include restaurants, hotels, and take away services. You just have to find out the outlets and kind of markets near you. Next, you have to find what cuisines are in demand in your area and then establish your food business. For a person who enjoys baking, a bakery shop is a good option. There is a high demand for cakes and cookies among children these days. Everyone wants good food. Natives of a place, as well as people traveling to a certain place, need good food. So cooking can make you a lot of money. It is a good business idea to get into commercial cooking. But through planning and careful execution are required to be successful in this industry.